American Roulette Review

Think Las Vegas! American Roulette is the most flamboyant version of the classic roulette game, with rowdy studio designs creating a fun experience for gamers.

If you want to play purely for entertainment purposes, then this game is for you. However, because of the added double zero number, increasing the house edge to 5.26%, your chances of making some good cash are lowered in American Roulette. Other than these rule adjustments, the game is standard roulette.

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Where Can I Play American Roulette?

Most reputable online bookmakers in South Africa offer American Roulette, including Betway and Sportingbet.

American Roulette FAQ

Can I play American Roulette online in South Africa?

Yes you can play American Roulette on various online bookmaker websites in South Africa.

Is Auto Roulette online fair?

Games are all programmed with a random number generator. To add to that, a casino can lose its license if one game is found to not be fair.

What is American Roulette?

From an entertainment perspective American Roulette is at the top of the table. The game is designed to be exciting - think of your American movies where casinos appear. This is all action Las Vegas. If you're looking for some excitement while playing roulette this is the game for you.