French Roulette Review

As roulette originated in France, it makes sense that they would have the best version.

French Roulette has two rules which make this version stand out: the La Partage rule - which returns half your stake on even money bets that land on zero, and the En Prison rule - which could return your full stake if you win on consecutive spins of the wheel.

This makes for a far more appealing game, as it gives you more chances to win.

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Where Can I Play French Roulette?

Most reputable online bookmakers in South Africa offer French Roulette, including Betway and Sportingbet.

French Roulette FAQ

Can I play French Roulette online in South Africa?

Yes you can play French Roulette on various online bookmaker websites in South Africa.

Is French Roulette online fair?

Games are all programmed with a random number generator. To add to that, a casino can lose its license if one game is found to not be fair.

What is French Roulette?

Roulette owes its existence to France so it is only right that French Roulette is largely considered the best of the varying Roulette games. It also offers the biggest potential winnings.

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