VIP Roulette Review

VIP Roulette is essentially another version of classic roulette, but more intimate. The dealer is closer to the screen and creates an environment as if you were playing one-on-one. The stakes are also generally higher and this is your chance to win big.

This is regular roulette, so you pick your number, colour, or bet variation and the wheel decides your fate. Spin the wheel and let's hope that your number comes in!

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Where Can I Play VIP Roulette?

Betway and Sportingbet are two of the best places to play VIP Roulette in South Africa.

VIP Roulette FAQ

Can I play VIP Roulette online in South Africa?

Yes you can play VIP Roulette on various online bookmaker websites in South Africa.

Is VIP Roulette online fair?

Games are all programmed with a random number generator. To add to that, a casino can lose its license if one game is found to not be fair.

What is VIP Roulette?

VIP is regular Roulette but with a more intimate feeling. You feel as if you are playing one-on-one with the dealer as he/she sits closer to the screen. The stakes are also much higher so here is your chance to win big if you're willing to risk.