Mainz 05 Betting Tips

1. Fußball- und Sportverein Mainz 05 e. V., better known as FSV Mainz 05, is a German Bundesliga football club from Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate. They play their home matches at the Opel Arena and have seen legends such as manager Jürgen Klopp and goalkeeper René Adler represent the club. Below is some important betting advice with regards to Mainz 05.

René Adler is a notable player for FSV Mainz 05. (Getty Images)
René Adler is a notable player for FSV Mainz 05. (Getty Images)

Mainz 05 Betting Odds

Odds on FSV Mainz 05 matches will vary between different bookmakers and it is important to find the sportsbook which offers you the greatest value. Have a look at our bookmaker reviews and read through the pros and cons of betting with each bookie before making a decision on who to place your bets on Die Nullfünfer with. Some might have better odds whilst others might have more user-friendly mobile apps. It's all up to you to choose which characteristics in a bookmaker suit your needs.

Mainz 05 Fixtures

Mainz 05's fixtures are available on the club's official website and punters should regularly check this if they intend to profit from bets on Die Nullfünfer. Value on bets can drop over time if there is significant interest in them, so it is best to avoid losing out on profits by jumping on bets as soon as they become available. Knowing Mainz's fixture list can help ensure you never miss out on an opportunity to put money on or against them at good value.

Mainz 05 Results

You can also view Mainz's recent results on their website, which gives you an opportunity to search for relevant trends. You might want to tip them regularly at home when they are playing well at the Opel Arena, for example, or fade them when they are performing poorly on the road. If René Adler starts several games in a row and keeps lots of clean sheets, maybe it might be worth tipping a win to nil for Mainz's upcoming encounters. We aim to help you spot relevant trends with our Mainz 05 betting news.

Mainz 05 Live Streaming

Live streaming off a laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device enables you to watch FSV Mainz 05 matches while on the go. This is a great way to follow bets which you have made in advance and do research for upcoming matches. It also puts you at a huge advantage for in-play betting on Mainz 05, as watching Mainz play gives you a better understanding of what is happening on the pitch than viewing score up dates and/or live text commentary ever could.

Mainz 05 Replays

If you are unable to catch Mainz 05 in action, you can look for the highlights of their recent matches online. Watching highlights enables you to catch up on all the key action you might have missed from the last match. You might, for example, notice when watching highlights that a specific striker was regularly testing the goalkeeper. When you see this, you might be compelled to put money on him in the anytime goalscorer and first goalscorer markets for the next match.

Mainz 05 News

News on FSV Mainz 05 is available via a variety of independent sources which cover the Bundesliga, while you can also follow team, transfer and injury news directly from the club via the following social media pages: