Werder Bremen Betting Tips

Werder Bremen is a German Bundesliga team, part of the Werder Bremen sports club which was founded in 1899. They are one of the most successful teams in the country with four Bundesliga titles to their name — no small feat in a league which has so often been dominated by powerhouse Bayern Munich. With success comes betting interest and we seek to help you make betting on Werder Bremen a rewarding and enjoyable process.

Werder Bremen Betting Odds

Odds for Werder Bremen matches can fluctuate between different bookmakers. In order to simplify the process of finding the best available value, we have reviewed some of the best sportsbooks available to the South African market and we will also keep providing you with betting tips for individual Werder Bremen matches

Werder Bremen Fixtures

Werder Bremen's fixture list can be viewed on the club's official website. Keep an eye on all upcoming matches to ensure that you never miss out on good value bets. If you leave it too late, value might decrease. Bear in mind that fixture lists in the Bundesliga can change due to fixture clashes and television rights.

Werder Bremen Results

Keep an eye out for Werder Bremen's results on their official website and look for trends which could be useful for betting purposes. For example, if Die Werderaner are in good form at the Weser Stadium, it may be worth betting on Bremen for home matches if there is value.

Werder Bremen Live Streaming

Live streaming Werder Bremen matches might be possible online, especially when they are playing in European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League. Watching Werder's matches as they happen is particularly helpful when it comes to in-play betting. Have a look at the terms and conditions on betting websites to see if they allow live streaming.

Werder Bremen Replays

It might not always be easy to catch Werder Bremen matches as they happen. For the times when you are unable to, it is best to watch the highlights or full replays, depending on what you can find. Werder Bremen has its own well-respected YouTube channel which offers plenty of useful content to fans and bettors.

Werder Bremen News

Werder Bremen news can be found via a variety of independent sources. However, it is also available through the official club and Bundesliga websites and on Werder Bremen social media pages.

Werder Bremen Twitter: @werderbremen_en
Werder Bremen Facebook: SV Werder Bremen
Werder Bremen Instagram: werderbremen