Genoa Betting Tips

Genoa CFC is an Italian Serie A club based in Genoa, Liguria. It is one of Italy's most well-established football institutions with nine top flight titles and a Coppa Italia triumph. Genoa have had key players including the likes of Gianluca Signorini and Marco Rossi, as well as Goran Pandev in the current generation. We have put together a betting guide containing important information you need to know before putting money on Genoa or their players.

genoa cfc pandev
Goran Pandev is one of Genoa CFC's modern iconic footballers. (Getty Images)

Genoa Betting Odds

Odds on Genoa can fluctuate across different betting websites. This can complicate the process of finding the best value bets available. Fortunately, our betting comparison tools enable you to view odds offered by many different bookmakers all in the same place. This ensures that you never miss out on the most profitable Genoa CFC bets on offer at any given time.

Genoa Fixtures

Genoa's upcoming fixtures are available to view on the club's official website. It is best to ensure that you are always aware of looming matches if you have an interest in betting on Genoa or their players. The best way to catch all the good value bets is to ensure you check the odds on each game as far in advance as possible.

Genoa Results

Genoa's recent results are also available on their website. Bettors are advised to do their research on past Genoa games with the aim of finding important trends for betting purposes. For example, it is worth noting which stadiums Genoa tend to perform well at and which are not happy hunting grounds for them in general. We aim to help you spot such trends with our Genoa CFC betting advice.

Genoa Live Streaming

Genoa CFC matches are often available for live streaming in South Africa, which puts bettors at a signifcant advantage — especially for in-play betting, but to a certain extent for all types. There is no substitute in terms of research on I Rossoblù for watching their matches as they happen.

Genoa Replays

If you miss a live Genoa CFC match for whatever reason, the best thing to do is to watch the highlights in order to catch up on all the key action. Bettors should not turn their eye to putting money on the next Genoa match without being aware of goalscorers, red cards etc. from the last.

Genoa News

Several independent media outlets cover Genoa CFC and it is advisable for bettors to keep a close eye on team, transfer, injury and general club news related to them. Such information can also be found on Genoa's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages, as well as their official website.