Virtual Sport Online Betting in South Africa

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Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sport has grown since the early 2000s when it began in the United Kingdom. It allows you to place bets on Virtual Sport long after your fix of normal sport has completed over a weekend.

Many online bookmakers get involved with Virtual Sport as it continues to grown around the globe, including in South Africa.

Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites

What is Virtual Sports?

Unlike real sport, Virtual Sport makes use of a random number generator (RNG) to decide outcomes with fixed odds on the games (events).

What is the difference between Virtual Sport and eSports?

The difference is stark but easy to understand, although many confuse the two. Virtual Sports have been on online platforms since 2000 with football, horse racing and tennis options. It is a computer simulated game using a number generator, assuring its fairness and luck.

Esport also known as electronic sport, is the fastest growing industry in the world of sport. It is basically competitive video gaming where two players compete on a multi-player game, like FIFA. There are numerous tournaments doing the rounds and many of them are available for betting.

What categories of sport fall under Virtual Sport? 

The major sports included in Virtual Sports betting are football (soccer), horse racing and Tennis. In South Africa soccer and horse racing are the two big ones with bookmakers.

Virtual Sport FAQ

Is Virtual Sport a gaming/gambling product?

Virtual Sport is a mimic of the real thing sport betting experience. Clients can bet on many of the same markets they normally do with regular sport.

How are Virtual Sport results determined?

Virtual Sports Software calculates the probability of all potential outcomes and sets betting prices accordingly, a random number generator (RNG) then selects a result.

Where can I play Virtual Sports?

You can play Virtual Sports on two of South Africa's biggest bookmaker sites in Betway and Sportingbet. Check the other bookmakers offerings as they may offer it too.

Who plays Virtual Sport?

Virtual sport is consistently popular with customers of all ages and appeals to both novice and experienced players due to the accessibility and simplicity of the betting experience.