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Bet on Sports in South Africa

South Africa is a sports-loving country with a unique history of bringing people together on the field of play. However, interest in sport extends well beyond the pitch itself. 

Before the sports betting industry was decriminalised in 1994, South Africans travelled outside the country's borders to gamble. The industry, along with the country as a whole, has come a long way in 25 years since. 

We at have compiled a guide containing useful information for anyone looking to bet on sports in South Africa.
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Sports Betting Tips

It is important for bettors in South Africa to have an understanding not only of the sports which they intend to bet on, but also of how to use the available markets to their benefit. We offer you expert advice which we trust will make the process of betting on sports in South Africa significantly easier.

Sports Betting Odds

Odds on sports matches and competitions in South Africa can vary significantly between different bookmakers. Our comparison tools enable bettors to weigh the available deals up against each other and find the ones which suit them best.

Sports Fixtures

It is vital that South African sports bettors stay up to date with fixture news and carefully examine the schedules of specific teams before betting on them. Official team websites and various sports news outlets can help you stay up to date.

Sports Results

SuperSport enables you to stay up to date with the latest sporting results, as do official websites of specific sports teams. It is vital to do thorough research on a team's results before betting on them, all the while looking for specific trends (e.g. in their form at home vs. away).

Sports Live Streaming

South African sports bettors are advised to stream live sport on the go whenever possible. This can be done via desktop computer but also via laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Sports Replays

If you miss a live sporting event, the best thing to do is to watch the highlights if available. You should often be able to find them either on television or online. Watching highlights of sports matches helps bettors stay up to date with all the latest key moments from each match. This can make betting significantly easier.

Sports News

Stay tuned to our news page for all the latest news geared specifically towards helping you with betting.