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Live Streaming Sport has arrived in South Africa with Betway and Sportingbet leading the way. You can now live stream some of the biggest tournaments and matches live as long as you have an account and a suitable internet connection.

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Live Streaming in South Africa

Missing out on the biggest matches is easy if you don’t have time to check what matches or tournaments are being live streamed. Here at we aim to assist you in simplifying matters on which matches and/or tournaments are being live streamed – on which date and time.

We know who has the rights to live stream what sport so be sure to check in with us to ensure you don’t miss out on your favourite horseracing, soccer, rugby, cricket or tennis event.

Our live streaming calendar is up to date and you can search through it for all available live streams and on which bookmaker site.

Live streaming sport in South Africa is relatively new although it has been offered globally for some time now. This will change the way the public watch sport in South Africa as they can now watch and bet online with live streaming. All that you require is a suitable internet connection and an account with a reputable bookmaker.

Many sports will be covered soon in South Africa via live stream. The popularity is set to grow fast as you will be able to watch sport from wherever you are – provided your internet connection is stable.

With bookmakers offering a live streaming service this simplifies matters for many punters. Rather than switching between applications they can now watch and bet on the same platform.

Bookmaker websites that may offer live streaming in South Africa

Live Streaming in South Africa FAQ

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is the broadcasting of real-time, live video over the internet.

Where is South Africa can I live stream sport?

Reputable bookmakers in South Africa are starting to offer the live streaming service to customers. Always ensure that you sign-up with a reputable bookmaker.

What sport is currently being live streamed in South Africa?

At this point the German Bundesliga (soccer) is being live streamed by both Sportingbet and Betway.

Is live streaming free?

It is free on the bookmaker website provided you are a customer. Many TV channels offer live streaming but that is mainly if you have a paid for account with them. Other live streams, if legal, often require subscription fees.

How does live streaming work?

Live streaming works by transmitting video and audio data to let people watch live or prerecorded broadcast.