Aviator Betting Sites in South Africa

Looking for South African Aviator betting sites? We have the top sites to play Aviator and crash games online in South Africa in June 2024

Best Betting Sites For Aviator in South Africa

With more than 10 million active monthly players, Aviator is one of the most popular gambling games around. As a result, the number of Aviator betting sites in South Africa has rocketed up in recent years.

While having an abundance of choices is positive, it can also be overwhelming. That’s where Bets.co.za steps in to assist. We’ve rated and reviewed South Africa’s Aviator betting sites and handpicked the best ones for you. 

From betting limits and max wins to welcome offers and mobile apps, we’ve covered all aspects to ensure these Aviator sites deliver a top-quality user experience. 

In addition, for bettors coming across this game for the first time, our experienced team guides you through how to play Aviator and reveals the best strategies for potentially bigger wins.

How We Choose South African Aviator Betting Sites

Bets.co.za has robust criteria that Aviator casinos and betting sites must pass for us to consider them for our list. Among the primary factors that we assess are:

Licences: First and foremost, Bets.co.za only lists Aviator game betting sites that are licenced and regulated by authorities such as the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator, and the Gauteng Gambling Board. This ensures all the betting sites are legit and trustworthy.

Bonuses & Promotions: From no deposit bonuses and welcome offers to regular promotions and events specific to Aviator and Crash games, there are plenty of bonuses to take advantage of. However, some have more player-friendly terms than others, which is primarily what we look for.

Design and User Experience (UX): Websites and Aviator betting apps that we choose must be user-friendly. We analyse how easy they are to navigate and the page load speeds. Fortunately, most operators in South Africa are on top of this, as they offer both regular platforms and low-data versions.

Banking: Easy, reliable, and trusted payment methods are vital. Bets.co.za is familiar with all the banking options available at betting sites in South Africa, making it straightforward to select the best brands in this area.

Other Crash Games: Although Aviator is the pack leader, there are many other Crash games now available. We factor this into our criteria so players have an assortment of gaming options from this genre.

Customer Support: It’s important that the Aviator sites provide easy-to-reach customer support options, such as live chat, telephone, and email. Furthermore, you want prompt, helpful service from these agents.

Top Aviator Betting Sites

Expanding upon the brands we’ve picked for the list above, here’s an overview of the top-rated Aviator betting websites where you can play with real money and potentially win big returns.


Aviator has not only landed at 10bet.co.za but it has a Crash-friendly welcome offer too. The 100% up to R3,000 matched deposit bonus has a 5x (deposit + bonus amount) wagering requirement of which Aviator contributes 100%. 

In addition to the Aviator game, 10bet also offers Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman. Both of these are Crash games. However, Aviator boasts a far greater max payout, and its RTP is better, 97%, compared to 95%.


Betway South Africa has a comprehensive selection of Crash games, which includes Aviator, Skyward, Dare Devil, Comet Crash, and Red Rocket. Moreover, players can enjoy this operator’s own title ‘Betway Crash’, which has a 1,000,000x max win. 

Another advantage of playing Aviator at Betway is that it often runs promotions specifically for this game. 


For players looking for a no deposit bonus Aviator betting site, Easybet is the answer. Register an account and get R50. 

Aviator is available in the main menu, giving players one-click access to this game. Although it doesn’t have any other Crash games, Easybet is has regular Aviator promotions, where players can claim free bets. This enhances the value of playing here.


Sportingbet is another top-rated Aviator betting site. It also offers Skyward for players that want to try a different Crash variant. 
As one of South Africa’s best-known brands, Sportingbet promises generous bonuses, a plethora of localised payment methods, and knowledgeable customer service. New bettors can maximise their Aviator gaming experience by taking advantage of Sportingbet’s triple deposit welcome offer.


The minimum bet for Aviator at YesPlay is R0.50. This is lower than most other sites, so your money goes further. 

By itself, this is a good reason to play Aviator and Skyward at YesPlay. However, there are other benefits, such as a hefty R3,000 welcome bonus, Crash game promotions, and low minimum deposits.

How Does Aviator Work?

Aviator is a simple game but there are layers to the level of risk you want to take and betting strategies that make it immersive and intriguing.

In a nutshell, the game uses an increasing curve multiplier that can crash at any time. The objective is to cash out your bets and bank your wins before the Aviator plane flies off into the night sky.

To start playing the Aviator game, you must place a bet. You can either place one or two bets on a single game round. Two bets are useful for high-low Aviator strategies, but more on those later.

When the next round starts, your bet is live. The plane takes off with the coefficient multiplier starting at 1.00x. With the Aviator plane now flying, the multiplier curve increases.

The button used to place the original bet changes to a Cash Out button when the round is active. Wait for your desired win multiplier before hitting Cash Out. 

If you cash out before the plane flies away, you win your bet amount multiplied by the coefficient that you cashed out at. However, if the plane departs with your bet still active, you lose your stake.

When a round is over or you have cashed out, betting for the next round commences.

Aviator Game Features

This game has several interesting features that contribute to the all-round gaming experience.

RTP: The return to player (RTP) for Aviator is 97.0%.

Max Win: The regular max win for Aviator is 100,000x. However, this can vary depending of the Aviator casino site you choose

Provably Fair: Aviator uses provably fair technology. This allows players to verify the result of each round to ensure they haven’t been manipulated.

Dual Betting: You can place one or two bets on the same round, so you get double the excitement.

Round History: At the top of the flight screen, you can view the Round History. It displays the Crash multipliers for the last 30 game rounds.

In-Game Chat: Use the in-game chat feature to interact with other players. This makes Aviator more sociable than most other online casino games.

Live Bets: The Aviator game interface allows you to view the bets of other players and their profits when they cash out.

Live Stats: Effortlessly check out the biggest wins and highest multipliers from the last 24 hours, week, month, and all time.

Auto Bet and Cash Out: Aviator players can use the auto features to set their future bets and the cash out multipliers.

Tips for Playing Aviator Game

Are you looking for some Aviator game tips? Check out what our gaming experts have to say.

Bankroll Management: As with all gambling games, it’s vital to manage your bankroll effectively when playing Aviator. A good rule of thumb is to only bet a maximum of 50th - 100th of your balance on each game round. 

Set Profit/Loss Limits: The casino betting site has a 3% advantage over Aviator players. Therefore, before you launch the game, you want to have in mind an amount you are prepared to lose and an amount you’d like to win. It is imperative that you stick to these limits. If your target was to win R1,000, and you achieve this, leave the game. That way, you are not giving the betting site a chance to win its money back.

Don’t Follow Others: The live bets feature allows you to see all other bets, but you don’t need to follow the crowd. Stick to your own style and strategy. Aviator is random, so no one knows when the next crash will be.

Patience: Aviator is a live game. The action continues non-stop, whether you’re involved or not. This means you don’t need to bet every round. Take a look at our ‘Low Six’ strategy below to see how being patient may improve your returns on Aviator.

Bonuses: Take advantage of welcome offers and deposit bonuses to get some free money. This gives you more game time and a better chance of landing a mega win. However, always check the terms and conditions.

Aviator Strategies

There are many Aviator strategies players can tinker with to maxmise their playing experience. Some of these focus on gameplay aspects of Aviator, while others are betting systems.

Low-Risk Aviator Strategy

The low risk Aviator strategy is a favorite among players who like to pick up a lot of small wins. Typically, a low-risk strategy involves cashing out at 1.50x or lower. 

The aim of this strategy is to maximise mini streaks where the multipliers are above 1.50x. As with all systems, nothing is bulletproof, so you need to be cautious because you need to win two or three rounds for every loss. 

High-Risk Avaitor Strategy

A high-risk Aviator strategy is the opposite of a low-risk strategy. Here, players are will lose a lot of bets, but the aim is to hit a huge multiplier that covers all the previous losses and puts you in the green for the session.

Before trying a high-risk Aviator plan, you want to ensure you have a strong bankroll that can take a series of consecutive losses. 

Don’t get overly greedy. Decide on the target multiplier (25x, 50x, or 100x, for example) and stick to it. If you start chasing different cash out points, you may never hit the right wins.

Low/High Two Bet Strategy

With players able to place two bets on the round, a simple Aviator game strategy is to have one low-risk punt and the other a high-risk play. With this strategy, the bet amount is larger on the low-risk side, as it serves to cover the second bet.

For example, bet 1 is for R10 with a cash out miltiplier of 1.20x. Bet 2 is for R2 with a cash out multiplier of 10.0x. The theory is that the winnings from bet 1 gives you a risk-free bet 2. We should say that no Aviator strategy wins all the time, but this one can be good in short sessions.

Low Six

This strategy was devised by the Bets.co.za team. It works by watching the game (not betting). When you get a sequence of six crash multipliers below 2.0x, you start to bet, with your target being to cash out at 2.0x. 

If the next round loses, you double your bet. For instance, you bet R1, and it loses, so you next bet R2. You continue doubling until you hit a winner. Of course, Aviator can have sequences with many crashes below 2.0x. However, because we wait until we’ve seen six, it should reduce the odds of their being loads more.


The Low Six strategy above uses Martingale. This is a famous betting system where you double up on each losing bet until you hit a winner. The mathematics is proven. Once you land a winner, you get all your money back plus the profit from the original bet.

Be warned, however. Martingale is high-risk. You need a hefty bankroll, and if you hit a long losing sequence, you may hit the maximum bet limit, which invalidates the system.


The Fibonacci betting system can also be used on Aviator with cash out multipliers around 2.0x. This strategy uses the Fibonacci number sequence in which the two numbers before equal the total of the following number (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 15, 21, 36, 55, and so on).

On losing bets, you move on to the next number, while on winning bets, you drop back to the previous bet amount. Fibonacci is a medium-risk strategy.

Aviator Betting Sites in South Africa - FAQs

What are the best betting sites to play Aviator game in South Africa?

Players in South Africa are fortunate that there are many betting sites with Aviator. Our team at Bets.co.za has meticulously reviewed all of the sites to compile a list of the best places for you to play.

How to win Aviator game?

The best strategy to win the Aviator game is to aim for low-risk multipliers. Doing this means you will win more games than you lose. However, you need to be cautious because a few losing bets can hit your bankroll hard.

What is the max win on Aviator?

The max win on Aviator game is usually 100,000x your bet or $100,000 (or equivalent in South African Rand). However, players need to check with their chosen Aviator betting site to confirm the max win, as some operators have their own limits.

Is Aviator game fair?

Aviator uses provably fair cryptographic technology. With this technology, players have the ability to check the outcome of the game to ensure fairness.