Live Roulette is considered to be one of the most popular casino table games available. Read the comprehensive review and check our list of casino sites to play MONOPOLY Live

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Live Dealer Roulette 

Live Roulette is considered to be one of the most popular casino table games around. It is a favourite amongst South African gamers due to its sophisticated nature and the strategy required to be successful. Here we take a look at the options you have for live dealer roulette online and tips on how to play.

How To Play Live Roulette

Live roulette is a straightforward game to get a grip of, so it is perfect for novice gamblers. Once you come to terms with the core rules of the wheel-spinning classic, all other variations will be natural to play.

Three main types of roulette are available online: American, European and French. All involve a roulette wheel and a betting table.

Lightning Roulette
Betting table

This is where you place your bet. It contains all the numbers and colours listed on the roulette wheel itself, as well as various other bet types, which are explained below.

Roulette Wheel

A roulette wheel contains numbers from 1 to 36, and has an overlapping pattern of blacks and reds. You will also find a green zero pocket (and an additional double zero on the American wheel). A metal billiard is spun on the wheel and wherever the billiard lands is the winning number or colour.

How To Bet

This is quite simple. All you need to do is bet on a number or a range of numbers. When the round is over, all bets are final, and the wheel spins. If the billiard ball falls in the number pocket you bet on, you win! Then the cycle repeats and you can gamble again.

The odds of winning big depend on where you place your bet. As an example, hitting an exact number returns more than if you bet on black or red.

Roulette Wheel & Bets

Your path to success in roulette depends on two things - where you place your bet and the type of roulette you have chosen to play. Below are the types of bets available.

Roulette BetBet TypeProbabilityPayout
Straight Up (1 number)Inside Bet2.70%35:1
Split (2 numbers)Inside Bet5.40%17:1
Street (3 numbers)Inside Bet8.11%11:1
Corner (4 numbers)Inside Bet8.11%11:1
Line (6 numbers)Inside Bet16.21%5:1
Column (12 numbers)Outside Bet32.43%2:1
Dozen (12 numbers)Outside Bet32.43%2:1
Red / Black (18 numbers)Outside Bet48.64%1:1
Even / Odd (18 numbers)Outside Bet48.64%1:1
High / Low (18 numbers)Outside Bet48.64%1:1

Why play Roulette

What's Hot
What's Not
Low house edge compared to slotsSlower paced than other games
Wide variety of tables and staking limitsLow payouts for safer strategies
Available at live dealer casinos
One of the easiest casino games to play
Lots of different strategies to try

Best Live Roulette Providers

South African punters can play roulette games from a wide selection of software providers. Using the latest streaming technology, these suppliers deliver their games in crystal clear HD for the ultimate immersive experience. 

The best provider available in SA is Evolution Gaming, who are unrivalled in their quality and selection. Here is a complete list of other providers available in South Africa.

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Ezugi
  • Vivo Gaming
  • Asia Gaming
  • Authentic Gaming
  • SA Gaming
  • Lucky Streak
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Xpro Gaming
  • Super Spade Games
  • NetEnt
  • Opus Gaming

Top Live Roulette Games 

While there are many games to choose from online roulette - the original remains the most popular. Here we take a look at other versions of live roulette available in South Africa.

  • Lightning Roulette
  • Classic Roulette
  • Auto Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • Speed Roulette
  • VIP Roulette
  • Grand Casino Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Speed Auto Roulette


With a live roulette bonus, you can increase your bankroll, giving you more funds to bet. However, it's worth shopping around for the best deal - as all bookmakers are different. You want to keep an eye out for low wagering requirements, giving you the best chance to convert the bonus into cash.

  • G-bets
  • Hollywoodbets SA
  • World Sports Betting
  • Gg Gaming
  • World Sports Betting

Live Roulette in South Africa FAQ

What is the best bet in roulette?

The best bet in roulette with the best winning chance is the red/black bet. By betting on either of these colours, you stand the best chance of winning due to the near 50/50 odds. However, these spaces only payout at a ratio of 1 to 1. The best bet in terms of payouts is a straight up number bet with a 35 to 1 payout ratio. Unfortunately, the single number bet is also one of the rarest outcomes.

What is the best roulette game?

The best roulette game is the one that gives you the best chance of winning and has the fairest rules. This would be French Roulette thanks to the La Partage and En Prison rules. Both of these options can save half of your stake or your whole stake if you are lucky - giving this game a house edge of just 1.35%.

What is the best online roulette bonus?

The best online roulette bonus has low wagering and fair terms and conditions attached. You also won't be restricted to certain kinds of bets. Wagering contributions will also be 100% for a roulette wager. Unfortunately, due to the low risk nature of roulette games - finding bonuses with these conditions is challenging. The majority of bonuses available have high wagering - and wagering contributions are in force. There are special roulette only bonuses that do not have either of these.

Is Online Roulette fair?

Online roulette is completely fair - each game is programmed with a random number generator to produce different outcomes. This ensures fairness for you and the casino. Tests on games regularly check if results are being randomised.

What is the best strategy to win in roulette?

The best strategy to win is by betting exclusively on the even money numbers - which give you a near 50% chance of winning. Unfortunately, this does also result in the lowest payout possible. Inexperienced players may turn to roulette strategies for more guidance, but these strategies can't turn around the house edge.

Is there a demo for online roulette?

Yes, there are free versions of roulette games available online. You can play free versions in several ways. On the developer websites, there should be free play roulette games available. You can also visit an online casino with free play functionality to test out these games. Keep in mind, if you are based in the UK - you will not be able to access the demo mode version unless you have passed age verification.