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What are BetGames?

BetGames are live dealer games that you can access on most reputable bookmaker sites. Unlike traditional live dealer casino tables, bettors will wager on fixed odds outcomes. Each betgame will have dozens of events to bet on.

List of BetGames 

  1. Speedy 7
  2. War of Bets
  3. 6+ Poker
  4. Bet on Poker
  5. Wheel of Fortune
  6. Lucky 7
  7. Lucky 6
  8. Lucky 5
  9. Dice Duel
  10. Bet on Baccarat

Betgames Pros ✅

  • Fixed odds betting outcomes
  • More opportunities to bet
  • Capitalise on a shift of odds
  • Available 24/7
  • Huge range of options and events

Betgames Cons ❌

  • Not as social as live dealer
  • Long wait times for next game round

BetGames Rules

Depending on the game you are playing, the odds on these events can change as a match progresses. For example, in Bet on Baccarat, the first player card could indicate a player win. To reflect this, the odds will look more favourable for the player - and more negative for the banker.

However, if the banker's first card looks to be a winner, then the odds will swing in the other direction. In comparison, in a regular baccarat game - you only have one opportunity to bet during the entire game round. Overall, this results in a more organic and reactive betting experience. 

South Africans can access BetGames online by visiting a compatible bookmaker. Be sure to check which bookmaker offers you the best welcome bonus as this could assist you in getting your BetGames bankroll going. Betway and Sportingbet each offer 10+ BetGames to their customers. 

All BetGames are time-sensitive, but you can mostly join at any point during the round, and cash out. A significant difference between BetGames and live dealer games is availability. Typically, games from BetGames.TV are available 24/7 - but the same can't be said for a roulette or blackjack live dealer rooms. 

BetGames are also not as interactive as live dealer tables. While the game is streamed live, there is zero opportunity to interact with the presenter, hence why they are known as TV games.

Lucky 5

Lucky 5 is a five-ball lottery game and one of three lotto options at BetGames.TV. The game starts with five balls randomly selected from a total pool of 36. A random sorting machine sorts the balls, just like a regular lottery game. You can bet on new results every 5 minutes, with each round lasting under 30 seconds.

Bettors can punt on 90+ events from six betting categories, which includes wagering on numbers, white balls, green balls, red balls, blue balls or different colours. 

South African gamblers can choose to approach this game like a standard lottery - or use the vast array of markets.

Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is a six-ball lottery game and the second lotto option at BetGames.TV bookmakers. Six random balls are chosen from a pool of 60 using a random sorting machine. Game rounds happen every five minutes, with the draw taking 30 seconds or less.

There are five available categories to bet on with 38 total markets. Members can bet on the numbers of balls, the ball count, the colours, odds/evens or even the total sum of balls.

As with Lucky 5, you can select winning balls as if you were playing a lottery game.

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is the third and final lotto offering and is a seven ball lottery game where seven balls are drawn from a pool of 42. Balls are picked using a sorting device to ensure all results are random.

SA bettors can choose from six possible betting categories and over 78 events. 

Available betting categories include betting on numbers, sums, ball counts and the colour of the drawn balls. 

As with all BetGames lottery options, you can play this like a regular lotto by handpicking numbers. There's even the chance to win 2,000x your total staked bet by correctly guessing seven winning balls.

Bet on Poker

Bet on Poker is a Texas Hold'em style game that utilises fixed odds betting outcomes. The game begins with 12 cards dealt to all player positions followed by a short betting pause.

After all bets have been placed, the game will continue - and the flop will play out. Punters will get another opportunity to bet, with odds reflecting the new card.

Once the river card is dealt - all bets are paid, and the next round begins. There are two main betting categories, with 16 betting markets in all. 

This includes options dedicated to classic poker hands like the royal flush.

Bet on Baccarat

Bet on Baccarat

Bet on Baccarat is the BetGames version of Punto Blanco, one of the most popular card games in the world. Bettors can wager on three betting options: a player, banker or tie win. As with a traditional Punto Blanco game - the hand closest to nine wins.

The game starts with the dealer drawing a card for the player position. This will follow with a 30-second betting intermission before the banker's card is shown. 

After one more 30-second betting interval, all remaining cards are drawn.

As with a standard game of baccarat, the usual betting options are available here. But in addition to this, there are five extra events - including side bets, betting on card suits or odd/even cards.

War of Bets

One of the most simple BetGames available for SA bettors. War of Bets is a game with only three outcomes: the player, dealer or a war. The gameplay is easy to understand; the highest value card is the winner with Ace being the highest and two lowest.

If the dealer and player have the same value card, then this will result in a war. The war is a tie outcome with a low chance of occurring - but the payouts for this bet are far greater.

Bettors have the opportunity to wager on a range of different outcomes including colours, card suits or totals.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is the most Vegas-style betgame. Played on a giant vertical prize wheel, punters will need to bet on the results of a wheel spin. Each game round takes place every two minutes - with a minute reserved for the game round. 

When the game starts, the dealer will spin the wheel in a clockwise direction - wherever the wheel lands is the winning position. 

You can choose to play this like a spinning wheel game by betting on a single position. Or you can select additional markets like betting on colours or odd/even outcomes.

Speedy 7

Speedy 7 is a fast-paced card game with two options: red or black. Simply choose which colour a face-down playing card will be when flipped. 52 cards are used in total, and the deck is sorted with an automatic shuffler. 

The dealer will deal seven playing cards in all with 20 seconds per card. During this 20 second period, you can choose where to play your next bet.

Guessing correct chains in this game are highly incentivised with the chance to win big jackpots for a string of successful guesses.

Complete list of BetGames Sites

  • 10bet
  • Bet.Co.Za
  • Betshezi
  • Betobet 
  • Bettilt 
  • Betway
  • Betwinner Casino
  • Fafabet
  • Gbets
  • Hollywood Bets
  • Lilibet 
  • Linebet
  • Lulabet
  • Megapari 
  • Melbet 
  • Paripesa 
  • Pinnacle
  • Powbet 
  • Purebet
  • Sportingbet
  • STSBet
  • Sunbet
  • Vbet 
  • WSB

BetGames FAQ

What are Betgames?

There are a variety of BetGames which include cards, dice and wheel spins. It is all live streamed with your dealer. The bookmaker provides odds and you make your choice.

Where can I play BetGames in South Africa?

BetGames are available on most reputable online bookmakers' sites. The most popular being Betway and Sportingbet.

How do you play BetGames in South Africa?

If you don't have an account, create one. You will likely get a free bet with that. Follow the link to Betgames but remember, while you can register, transfer money and play, it order to cash out you will need to upload your relevant FICA documents.

Are BetGames fair?

They are indeed. Online casinos are heavily regulated and tested on a regular basis. They can get into a lot of trouble, including losing their license if it is found that they have not made it all random.

Can you make money playing Betgames?

Yes, you certainly can. If you're unwilling to bet big you can build your bankroll through smaller bets until such time that your winnings allow you to go slightly bigger.