Bet Games Review

Bet Games are simple and fun games to play from the comforts of your home. You get an authentic casino and lottery experience as the games are played with a real dealer. The games are quick and simple to understand, which opens up the fun to everyone while novice bettors can easily adapt to the games.

On many sites you can interact with the dealer and other players via the webchat.

Latest Bet Games News

Where can I play Bet Games?

Firstly, if you’re in South Africa, remember you will need to supply your FICA documents. You will be allowed to open a betting account, deposit money and play but you won’t get the payout until you’ve submitted the relevant documents.

Bet Games can be played on most reputable online bookmaker sites in South Africa. Betway have some superb offerings while there are often bonuses and promotions up from grabs. 

What are Bet Games?

Bet Games are live dealer games that you can access on most reputable bookmaker sites. There are numerous games on offer – some card and other wheel games.

All Bet Games are time sensitive but you can mostly join at any point during the round, and cash out. 

What Bet Games are available in South Africa?

Betway and Sportingbet each offer nine or 10 Bet Games to their customers. These are wide ranging and include card dealer, wheel spinning and dice rolling.

How to play Bet Games in South Africa

You can play Bet Games in South Africa by opening an account with a reputable online bookmaker such as Betway or Sportingbet. Be sure to check which bookmaker offers you the best welcome bonus as this could assist you in getting your Bet Games bankroll going.

Bet Games FAQ

What are Bet Games?

There are a variety of Bet Games which include cards, dice and wheel spins. It is all live streamed with your dealer. The bookmaker provides odds and you make your choice.

Where can I play Bet Games in South Africa?

Bet Games are available on most reputable online bookmakers' sites. The most popular being Betway and Sportingbet.

How do you play Bet Games in South Africa?

If you don't have an account, create one. You will likely get a free bet with that. Follow the link to Bet Games but remember, while you can register, transfer money and play, it order to cash out you will need to upload your relevant FICA documents.

Are Bet Games fair?

They are indeed. Online casinos are heavily regulated and tested on a regular basis. They can get into a lot of trouble, including losing their license if it is found that they have not made it all random.

Can you make money playing Bet Games?

Yes, you certainly can. If you're unwilling to bet big you can build your bankroll through smaller bets until such time that your winnings allow you to go slightly bigger.