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Betgames Bet on Poker Sites

Bet on Poker is a live betgame offered on reputable online bookmaker sites. It is based on Texas Hold’em, but unlike the traditional live poker game, one cannot bet against players or the dealer. Punters can instead wager on fixed-odds betting outcomes. The odds change as the game progresses to reflect how each hand is performing. For details on the types of bets, how to play and the best bookmakers, please read on.

How to play 

Bet on Poker is played using a standard deck of 52 playing card. The dealer manually shuffles these cards live on camera. 
The cards used are more prominent than standard playing cards for visibility. Each game round can be broken down into five phases detailed below:

Dealing: The game starts with the dealer dealing 12 cards to player positions. There are six positions - with each "player" receiving two cards each. 

Betting: Once all cards are on the table, bettors may place their bets. At this stage in the game, you can wager on all six hands or hand combinations. The betting interval lasts a minute.

Flop: Once the betting phase is over, the dealer will draw three cards. Players will once again be able to bet - with the odds adapting to the new cards. The betting interval will end after around 40 seconds.

Turn: After the flop betting interval, a fourth card will be drawn - followed by one final betting interval. At this point, some hands may be locked - meaning no more bets can be placed on them. This is your last betting opportunity - so use it wisely.

River: After the final betting phase, the river card will be drawn - ending the game. The winning hand will be highlighted and the dealer will shuffle the deck for the next game. 

To place a bet, you will need to choose a betting option. This wager will then be added to your bet slip. You can now select how much you’d like to bet on that betting option. Your possible winnings will be displayed below the bet. If satisfied, click the “Place Bet” option to confirm your bet.

Betting Options

There are two ways to play Bet on Poker.  Either you can bet on one or more of the six-player hands. Or you can bet on combinations. Here is a breakdown.


In this category, you choose one of the six hands to bet. The odds of each hand depends on what cards are dealt. These values change as the game progresses. If a hand shows a lock symbol, it means there is no chance of that hand winning so you cannot bet on it.


You can also bet on potential poker hands. The odds of each combination depend on the dealt cards. If a combination bet has a lock symbol, it means that the combo is no longer possible. The hand with the highest payouts is the Royal Flush.

  • High card
  • One pair
  • Two pairs
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush


The best strategy for Bet on Poker is to bet on strong hands right from the start. This way you benefit from the best early odds the game can offer. If you want to see which hands are particularly strong, then the odds should indicate where you should be betting.

Generally, here are some hands to watch out for:

  • Pairs (could form trips, full house or even quads)
  • Suited cards (for a potential flush)
  • Sequential cards (for a potential straight)
  • Hands with Ace, King, Queen and another strong card

Take note of any hands that have the potential for a Royal Flush. While this poker hand is one of the rarest - it's worth trying to capitalise to reap some of the game's best payouts.

BetGames Bet on Poker FAQ

Is Bet on Poker fair?

Bet on Poker is a transparent game. Each game round precedes with a manual shuffle from the dealer. The playing cards are much bigger so you can see what is happening.

How much can you win playing Bet on Poker?

The payouts in this game vary with what cards are on the table and what is drawn during the flop and turn.

What is the best Bet on Poker bet?

The best Bet on Poker bet is to wager on hands that have pairs, sequential cards or that are in the same suit. This can lead to three of a kind, four of a kind, full house, a straight or a flush.

Where can I play Bet on Poker?

Reputable online bookmakers will have Bet on Poker as an option. Sites such as Sportingbet SA and Betway both have it. All you need to do is create an account with either of them and you will receive a welcome bonus too.