What is a Combination Tricast Bet

A combination tricast bet is a bet commonly used in horseracing which covers all possibilities for your three selections. For example, if you have selected a specific top three for a specific race, a combination tricast bet covers all possible orders in which these three racers could finish given that you selected the right three.

How to Place a Combination Tricast Bet

Have a look for events which offer combination tricast bets and take your pick from all the bookmakers which cater to South African bettors. Our reviews can help you decide who the best bookmaker to place a combination tricast bet with is.

When to use a Combination Tricast Bet

Tricast bets are generally recommended for more experienced bettors as opposed to newbies, but combination tricast bets can come in handy when you are not quite confident enough to place a straight tricast bet.