What is a Single Bet

A single bet is a stand-alone bet on a specific event which is not dependent on or combined with any other bet. Single bets are arguably the simplest bets available to punters and are unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Here is some more important information pertaining to single bets:

How to Place a Single Bet

As mentioned previously, placing single bets is a simple task. Look at any sporting event (e.g. Chelsea vs. Tottenham), pick a specific bet (e.g. Chelsea win) and wait to see whether or not your luck is in. It's not all about luck, though. It is important to do research on various sportsbooks in order to find the one which best suits your needs. We recommend our bookmaker reviews

When to use a Single Bet

Single bets should be used for events in which you are not confident of multiple different outcomes happening together, but rather of one specific outcome (e.g. Chelsea winning against Tottenham). They are low-risk, low-reward bets in general when compared to accumulators. This does not mean that single bets do not carry risks and that responsible betting should be thrown out the window.

Keep an eye out for specials related to specific single bets on our betting news page to ensure you do not miss out on great opportunities to build your bankroll with good value for money.