What is a Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet combines four or more selections into one, only paying out when every single selection is correct. Accumulators are thus high-risk bets but also tend to offer great rewards. Here is an example of a combination which you might use in an accumulator bet: Chelsea win + Arsenal win + Liverpool win + Manchester United win (all on the same Premier League matchday). The odds you will be offered for all four of these events occurring and if any one of them does not, you lose the bet.

How to Place a Accumulator Bet

Have a look at the sporting calendar and pick an event which suits your fancy. Perhaps you might want to place an accumulator bet on an upcoming soccer match or horeseracing event for example. Read our bookmaker reviews and decide which sportsbook best suits your needs and then start racking up multiple bets together once you have found one with favourable odds. Keep an eye on our betting news for accumulator offers from various bookmakers.

When to use a Accumulator Bet

Do not place large sums of money on accumulator bets, as the chances of winning from them are relatively slim. Instead, go for accumulators when you believe there is value in the odds offered to you and you can afford to lose a bit of money in a worst-case scenario. Accumulators help you turn small amounts of money into large sums.