English Premier League Betting Tips

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English Premier League Betting Odds

Betting odds on Premier League players, matches and league tables will inevitably fluctuate throughout the course of the league season and from one bookmaker to the next. This can complicate the process of finding the best available odds, but we aim to help with our betting comparison tools.

Having compared the pros and cons of betting with various bookmakers, you will have a better idea of where to place your money. Our advice can help you maximise your winnings.

English Premier League Fixtures

Premier League fixtures are available on the tournament's official website. They do tend to be moved around due to clashes with other tournaments involving their clubs and tv rights deals and so it is worth regularly checking the fixture list. Being aware of upcoming matches in advance can help you put your money in the hat at the ideal time when the odds are still favourable.

English Premier League Results

Premier League results can also be found on the official tournament website as well as the websites of the 20 clubs involved. This allows punters to look for relevant trends involving each Premier League club.

English Premier League Live Streaming

All Premier League matches should be available for live streaming. This enables bettors to catch all the action as it happens, which is particularly beneficial for in-play bettors but can be extremely useful to all punters.

English Premier League Replays

Highlights of Premier League matches can be easily found online, enabling punters to catch up on all the key action they might have missed. While there is no substitute for watching live matches, it is near impossible to watch all 380 matches from start to finish as they happen and highlights allow bettors to view important action from matches which can help them with first goalscorer and anytime goalscorer bets among others.

English Premier League News

News concerning the Premier League can be found via a number of independent sources and it is also worth keeping an eye on the tournament's official website and the Premier League Facebook and Twitter pages.

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English Premier League FAQ

When did the English Premier League start?

While English top flight football has been going on for more than a century, the English Premier League had its first season in 1992/93.

How many teams participate in the English Premier League?

The English Premier  League consists of 20 teams.

How many teams are relegated from the English Premier League every season?

Three teams are relegated from the English Premier League every season.

How many Champions League places are given to the English Premier League?

The top four teams from the English Premier League qualify for the following seasons Champions League.

Who has won the most English Premier League titles?

Manchester United have won the most English Premier League titles (13).