Egypt Premier League Previews & Tips

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The Egypt Premier League was founded in 1948 and is the highest tier of men’s football in Egypt. The 2019/20 season is the 61st season and runs from 21 September 2019 – 29 October 2020. 

There have been 18 teams that play in the Egypt Premier League since the 2015/16 season. Games in the Egypt Premier League are played across all days of the week, unlike most leagues that have most of their matches on weekends.

Egypt Premier League Winners & Runners-up

Al Ahly hold on the Premier League title was broken by Zamalek last season after winning five successive titles. Pyramids finished third for the third season running.

Third Place
2022-23 TBC TBC TBC
2021-22 TBC TBC TBC
2020-21 Zamalek Al Ahly Pyramids
2019–20 Al Ahly (42) tbc Pyramids
2018–19 Al Ahly (41) Zamalek Pyramids
2017–18 Al Ahly (40) Ismaily Al Masry
2016–17 Al Ahly (39) Misr Lel Makasa Zamalek
2015–16 Al Ahly (38) Zamalek Smouha
2014–15 Zamalek (12) Al Ahly ENPPI
2013–14 Al Ahly (37) Smouha Zamalek
2010–11 Al Ahly (36) Zamalek Ismaily
2009–10 Al Ahly (35) Zamalek Ismaily
2008–09 Al Ahly (34) Ismaily Petrojet
2007–08 Al Ahly (33) Ismaily Zamalek
2006–07 Al Ahly (32) Zamalek Ismaily
2005–06 Al Ahly (31) Zamalek ENPPI
2004–05 Al Ahly (30) ENPPI Haras El Hodoud
2003–04 Zamalek (11) Al Ahly Ismaily
2002–03 Zamalek (10) Al Ahly Ismaily
2001–02 Ismaily (3) Al Ahly Zamalek
2000–01 Zamalek (9) Al Ahly Al Masry
1999–00 Al Ahly (29) Ismaily Zamalek
1998–99 Al Ahly (28) Zamalek Ismaily
1997–98 Al Ahly (27) Zamalek Al Mokawloon
1996–97 Al Ahly (26) Zamalek El Mansoura
1995–96 Al Ahly (25) Zamalek Ismaily
1994–95 Al Ahly (24) Zamalek Ismaily
1993–94 Al Ahly (23) Ismaily Zamalek
1992–93 Zamalek (8) Al Ahly Ghazl El Mahalla
1991–92 Zamalek (7) Ismaily Ghazl El Mahalla
1990–91 Ismaily (2) Al Ahly Zamalek
1988–89 Al Ahly (22) Zamalek Ghazl El Mahalla
1987–88 Zamalek (6) Al Ahly Ghazl El Mahalla
1986–87 Al Ahly (21) Zamalek Tersana
1985–86 Al Ahly (20) Zamalek Ismaily
1984–85 Al Ahly (19) Zamalek Ismaily
1983–84 Zamalek (5) Al Ahly Ismaily
1982–83 Al Mokawloon (1) Zamalek Al Ahly
1981–82 Al Ahly (18) Zamalek El Ittihad El Sakndary
1980–81 Al Ahly (17) Zamalek Al Masry
1979–80 Al Ahly (16) Zamalek Al Masry
1978–79 Al Ahly (15) Zamalek Ghazl El Mahalla
1977–78 Zamalek (4) Al Ahly El Olympi
1976–77 Al Ahly (14) Zamalek El Ittihad El Sakndary
1975–76 Al Ahly (13) Ghazl El Mahalla Zamalek
1974–75 Al Ahly (12) Tersana Ismaily
1972–73 Ghazl El Mahalla (1) Zamalek Ismaily
1966–67 Ismaily (1) Al Ahly Tersana
1965–66 El Olympi (1) Zamalek Ismaily
1964–65 Zamalek (3) Ismaily Tersana
1963–64 Zamalek (2) Tersana Ismaily
1962–63 Tersana (1) Zamalek Al Ahly
1961–62 Al Ahly (11) Zamalek Tersana
1960–61 Al Ahly (10) Zamalek Tersana
1959–60 Zamalek (1) Tersana Al Ahly
1958–59 Al Ahly (9) Zamalek Tersana
1957–58 Al Ahly (8) Zamalek El Olympi
1956–57 Al Ahly (7) Zamalek Ismaily
1955–56 Al Ahly (6) Zamalek El Qannah
1953–54 Al Ahly (5) Zamalek Tersana
1952–53 Al Ahly (4) Zamalek Al Masry
1950–51 Al Ahly (3) Zamalek Al Masry
1949–50 Al Ahly (2) Tersana Zamalek
1948–49 Al Ahly (1) Tersana Ismaily

Egypt Premier League Fixtures

Check the Egypt Premier League fixtures to see if any club could be resting players ahead of an important local or continental cup fixture.

Egypt Premier League Table

Keep an eye on the Egypt Premier League table to see who is in the running for the title, African continental qualification and those in danger of relegation.

Egypt Premier League Format

The 18 teams in the Egypt Premier League play each other home and away over the course of a 34 match season. Teams receive three points for victory, zero points for a defeat and one point for a draw.

The top team at the end of 34 matches is crowned champions while the bottom three teams are relegated to the division below.

Egypt Premier League History

The Egyptian Premier League was founded in 1948 and has 18 competing teams since the 2015-16 season. The league is ranked as the third best in Africa based on its performance in continental competitions over the years.

Unlike many leagues from around Africa and indeed the globe, the Egyptian Premier League matches are spread out throughout the week, opposed to the majority of matches being played on weekends.

Until 2012 the Egyptian Premier League had one of the highest average attendances per game in Africa. However, in a league match between Al Masry and Al Ahly on 1 February 2012, a riot occurred, now known as the Port Said Stadium riot where 74 people were killed and 500 were injured.

That had a devastating effect on Egyptian football as all domestic matches were played behind closed doors until 2017. Slowly fans have been allowed back since then with gradually increasing numbers.