French Ligue 1 Betting Tips

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Ligue 1 is France's top tier annual football league, contested by 20 clubs. From Ronaldinho to Zinedine Zidane to Kylian Mbappe, it has been graced by several iconic football figures from generations past and present. We at have compiled a betting guide for all those looking to bet on Ligue 1.

French Ligue 1 Betting Odds

Betting odds on Ligue 1 inevitably vary to some degree between different bookmakers. This can make the process of spotting good value bets time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, our comparison tools allow you to weigh odds from various different betting websites up against each other at the click of a button.

French Ligue 1 Fixtures

French Ligue 1 bettors are advised to keep a close eye on the fixture list, keeping an eye out for schedule changes and for betting opportunities on the horizon. Being ahead of the game increases your chance of finding good value Ligue 1 bets.

French Ligue 1 Results

Ligue 1 bettors would be well advised to thoroughly research recent results of the teams involved in the tournament. Look for trends which are pertinent to betting. For example, certain Ligue 1 teams might have specific preferred opponents and bogey teams.

French Ligue 1 Live Streaming

Live streaming Ligue 1 matches is a fantastic way to keep up with the action while on the go. Bettors are advised to watch as many as possible in order to stay up to date.

French Ligue 1 Replays

If you are unable to catch a Ligue 1 match live, it is best to look for the highlights online to ensure you do not fall behind on any of the key moments.

French Ligue 1 News

Following all the latest Ligue 1 news is important for bettors. In order to truly stay updated on the competition, it is best to use both a wide variety of independent news sources and official club social media pages and websites. Keep an eye out for team, transfer and injury news in particular.