MTN 8 Betting Tips

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The MTN8 is a knockout tournament contested in the early months of the South African PSL season between the top eight clubs from the previous Absa Premiership campaign. We at have compiled a guide with the purpose of providing anybody looking to bet on the MTN8 with crucial information.

MTN 8 Betting Odds

Betting odds for the MTN8 can fluctuate between different betting websites. It can take some time to trawl through all of them, so our comparison tools allow you to view MTN8 odds from multiple bookmakers at the click of a button.

MTN 8 Fixtures

It is important to stay up to date with the latest MTN8 fixture information if you are planning on betting on the tournament. There has to be a winner in each MTN8 tie, although the semi-finals are decided over two legs.

MTN 8 Results

Before betting on the MTN8, it is important to research recent results of the teams involved in the tournament. MTN8 bettors are advised to search for trends e.g. in home vs away form and head-to-head records.

MTN 8 Live Streaming

The MTN8 can be streamed live off SuperSport using DStv Now's mobile app or website. The best way for bettors to stay up to date with all the latest action is by watching it as it happens.

MTN 8 Replays

If you miss an MTN8 match for whatever reason, you can still catch up with the important thrills and spills by watching the highlights on SuperSport's website.

MTN 8 News

MTN8 bettors are advised to keep up to date with the latest news concerning the tournament by following a variety of independent news sources, as well as official communications from the eight competing clubs.