COSAFA Cup Previews & Tips

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The COSAFA Cup began in 1997 and features teams from the Southern African region who are members nations of Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA). Guest nations are regularly invited to the tournament from other regions in Africa.

The first editions of the competition were a knockout tournament staged over many months. As the competition grew in stature, it morphed into a series of mini-tournaments.

COSAFA Cup Betting Odds

Betting odds on offer for COSAFA Cup matches, players and outright winner will be different from one bookmaker to the next. This makes the process of finding the best odds and value a time-consuming process. We streamline any complications with our betting comparison tools.

Once comparing the odds and any specials with the various betting houses, you will have a clear understanding of where to place your money. Our insight and advise can help you maximise winnings and minimise losses.

COSAFA Cup Fixtures

COSAFA Cup fixtures can be found on many leading websites including Soccerway and Livescore. It is worth double-checking kickoff times and fixture dates as these are subject to change.

COSAFA Cup Results

Results for the COSAFA Cup can usually be found on the official websites of the member nations or leading soccer news websites and Twitter accounts.

COSAFA Cup Live Streaming

COSAFA Cup matches are often live streamed on Facebook or are shown live on leading television stations in the countries involved such as SuperSport. Streaming the match live is ideal to place in-running bets on COSAFA Cup matches.

COSAFA Cup Replays

Highlights and full match replays for the COSAFA Cup can often be found on YouTube or on the leading sports television stations in the region. Whilst watching matches live gives you the best chance for any in-running bets, catching up on highlights and replays allows you to gauge the form of teams and players for your bets.


News on the COSAFA Cup is available on a number of football news websites from the Southern African region. It is worthwhile to keep an eye on the tournament’s Wikipedia page for updates on squad lists, fixtures news and results.

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