Reversed Forecast Bet

What is a Reversed Forecast Bet

A reversed forecast bet is a form of combination forecast bet which allows you to select first and second place in any order rather than a specific one. This means that it comes with less risk than standard straight forecast bets.

How to Place a Reversed Forecast Bet

Have a look at our bookmaker reviews in order to decide which betting website in South Africa best fits your needs. Once you have made an account, look for the best value reversed forecast bets on offer in order to build your bankroll.

When to use a Reversed Forecast Bet

A reversed forecast bet is ideal for horseracing bettors who know the sport well but are not necessarily hugely confident about the winner of an upcoming race. The potential winnings will likely not be quite as high in most cases as they are for tricast bets or straight forecast bets, but the chances of your bet offering returns will be relatively high.