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AFCON Fixtures

AFCON 2022 Fixtures - All the Dates, Times, Teams and Venues

By Ralph Staniforth
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07 Feb 2022
  • Senegal are the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations champions
  • Egypt lost out on penalties following a 0-0 draw in the AFCON final
african cup of nations
AFCON starts on 9 January 2022 (Getty Images)
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AFCON 2022 Fixtures

Senegal won the Africa Cup of Nations 2022. This is their first continental title after beating Egypt on penalties in the final.

In a tightly contested affair, Senegal had the better of the opening 120 minutes. Liverpool star, Mane missed a penalty as early as the fourth minute. In the end, he made up for it by smashing home the winning penalty in the shootout.

Elsewhere, Cameroon mounted a stunning comeback from 3-0 down in the third place playoff against Burkina Faso. The 3-3 draw remained that way as the hosts won it on penalties.

Time (GMT)
9 Jan16:00Cameroon vs Burkina Faso2-1GroupOlembe Stadium
9 Jan19:00Ethiopia vs Cape Verde0-1GroupOlembe Stadium
10 Jan13:00Senegal vs Zimbabwe1-0GroupKouekong Stadium
10 Jan16:00Morocco vs Ghana1-0GroupStade Omnisport
10 Jan16:00Guinea vs Malawi1-0GroupKouekong Stadium
10 Jan19:00Comoros vs Gabon0-1GroupStade Omnisport
11 Jan13:00Algeria vs Sierra Leone0-0GroupStade Omnisport
11 Jan16:00Nigeria vs Egypt1-0GroupStade Omnisport
11 Jan19:00Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau0-0GroupStade Omnisport
12 Jan13:00Tunisia vs Malawi0-1GroupStade Municipal de Limbe
12 Jan16:00Mauritania vs Gambia0-1GroupStade Municipal de Limbe
12 Jan19:00Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast0-1GroupStade Omnisport
13 Jan16:00Cameroon vs Ethiopia4-1GroupOlembe Stadium
13 Jan19:00Cape Verde vs Burkina Faso0-1GroupOlembe Stadium
14 Jan13:00Senegal vs Guinea0-0GroupKouekong Stadium
14 Jan16:00Malawi vs Zimbabwe2-1GroupKouekong Stadium
14 Jan16:00Morocco vs Comoros2-0GroupStade Omnisport
14 Jan19:00Gabon vs Ghana1-1GroupStade Omnisport
15 Jan16:00Nigeria vs Sudan3-1GroupStade Omisport
15 Jan19:00Guinea-Bissau vs Egypt0-1GroupStade Omnisport
16 Jan13:00Gambia vs Mali1-1GroupStade Municipal de Limbe
16 Jan16:00Ivory Coast vs Sierra Leone2-2GroupStade Omnisport
16 Jan16:00Tunisia vs Mauritania4-0GroupStade Municipal de Limbe
16 Jan19:00Algeria vs Equatorial Guinea0-1GroupStade Omnisport
17 Jan16:00Burkina Faso vs Ethiopia1-1GroupKouekong Stadium
17 Jan16:00Cape Verde vs Cameroon1-1GroupOlembe Stadium
18 Jan16:00Malawi vs Senegal0-0GroupKouekong Stadium
18 Jan16:00Zimbabwe vs Guinea2-1GroupStade Omnisport
18 Jan19:00Gabon vs Morocco2-2GroupStade Omnisport
18 Jan19:00Ghana vs Comoros2-3GroupStade Omnisport
19 Jan19:00Egypt vs Sudan1-0GroupStade Omnisport
19 Jan20:00Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria0-2GroupStade Omnisport
20 Jan16:00Sierra Leone vs Equatorial Guinea0-1GroupStade Municipal de Limbe
20 Jan16:00Ivory Coast vs Algeria3-1GroupStade Omnisport
20 Jan19:00Mali vs Mauritania2-0GroupStade Omnisport
20 Jan20:00Gambia vs Tunisia1-0GroupStade Municipal de Limbe
23 Jan16:00Burkina Faso vs Gabon1-1 (7-6)Round of 16Stade Municipal de Limbe
23 Jan19:00Nigeria vs Tunisia0-1Round of 16Stade Omnisport
24 Jan16:00Guinea vs Gambia0-1Round of 16Kouekong Stadium
24 Jan19:00Cameroon vs Comoros2-1Round of 16Olembe Stadium
25 Jan17:00Senegal vs Cape Verde2-0Round of 16Kouekong Stadium
25 Jan19:00Morocco vs Malawi2-1Round of 16Stade Omnisport
26 Jan16:00Ivory Coast vs Egypt0-0 (4-5)Round of 16Stade Omnisport
26 Jan19:00Mali vs Equatorial Guinea0-0 (5-6)Round of 16Stade Municipal de Limbe
29 Jan16:00Gambia vs Cameroon0-2Q/FStade Omnisport
29 Jan19:00Burkina Faso vs Tunisia1-0Q/FStade Omnisport
30 Jan15:00Egypt vs Morocco2-1Q/FOlembe Stadium
30 Jan19:00Senegal vs Equatorial Guinea3-1Q/FStade Omnisport
2 Feb19:00Burkina Faso vs Senegal1-3S/FStade Omnisport
3 Feb19:00Cameroon vs Egypt0-0 (1-3)S/FOlembe Stadium
5 Feb16:00Cameroon vs Burkina Faso3-3 (3-1)3rd/4th PlayoffStade Omnisport
6 Feb19:00Senegal vs Egypt0-0 (4-2)FinalOlembe Stadium

AFCON 2022 Groups

Group A: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Ethiopia

Group B: Guinea, Malawi, Senegal, Zimbabwe

Group C: Comoros, Gabon, Ghana, Morocco

Group D: Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Sudan

Group E: Algeria, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone

Group F: Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Tunisia

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