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German Bundesliga – Restart set for 15 May

Bundesliga is the first major European league to confirm restart date
German Bundesliga
Bayern Munich are currently topping the Bundesliga table with nine matches to play (Getty Images)
After days of consultation the German government has given the green light for the Bundesliga to return to action. This ensures that Germany will be the first major European country to restart their 2019/20 season after it was called off in mid-March due to COVID-19.

The German Football League (DFL) will give exact dates of the restart and games to be played in the coming days. The matches will take place without spectators due to the pandemic but at the very least this is a positive indication of what may happen in other countries in coming weeks/months.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Bundesliga players and staff would not need to quarantine for 14 days due to their regular testing schedule. “Testing is regular there, so the quarantine period is not set for 14 days.”

The decision is no doubt controversial with many sectors against the restart with the pandemic still in full swing globally. Especially considering that two of Germany’s neighbours – Netherlands and France – have both abandoned their seasons.

There will be a Bundesliga General Assembly held in Frankfurt on Thursday to discuss the health and safety protocols with the minimum possible people allowed in the stadium.

Currently giants, Bayern Munich top the table by four points with the majority of clubs still to play nine games. The league is all but over and will almost certainly garner great interest from fans across the globe who have been starved of their favourite pastime.

While football is not a necessity as many have stated, much less essential, there is a belief held by many that the return of football could ease the mental strain on the millions stuck in their homes. What is sure is that once the league gets started the Bundesliga will grab the attention like never before.

Here in South Africa there have been calls on social media for SuperSport, the Pay TV service, to get the rights for the Bundesliga so that it is accessible to the people. SuperSport used to show the Bundesliga but dropped those rights because interest in the league was low – that will almost certainly change now, at the very least for this season.

Whether SuperSport get the rights or not is unclear at this stage but we’ll keep you updated here at bets.co.za.

German Bundesliga FAQ

When will the German Budesliga restart?

The date for the restart is on 15 May 2020 and the dates of exact games will be announced later this week.

Who is currently at the top of the Bundesliga table?

Bayern Munich currently sit at the top of the Bundesliga on 55 points, four clear of Dortmund on 51. RB Leipzig are third with 50 points.

How many games will teams still need to play after the Bundesliga restarts?

All bar two teams still have nine matches to play. Werder Bremen and Einracht Frankfurt still have 10 matches to play.

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