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Test cricket is the oldest form of the game with its foundation laid before the 19th century. A match is played over five days in which both teams should bat and bowl twice, unless once is enough for a dominant team.

The recent addition of the Test Championship by the ICC (International Cricket Committee) adds some much needed context to the sport with ranking points awarded for victories and draws.

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Test Match Cricket Betting Odds

Test cricket betting odds can be found with any reputable online bookmaker. There are plenty of options available to the bettor but a close eye needs to be kept on where the value really lies.

Test Match Cricket Fixtures

Test cricket is played all year round around the globe. Teams generally tour another nation with more than one Test on the agenda. Often it is two or three Test matches, however the odd occasion that could rise to five.

How many teams have Test status in cricket?

The ICC have handed out Test status 12 nations, the highest form of honor for a country in cricket.  It must be noted that despite Zimbabwe receiving Test status in 1992 it was removed during the late 2000s but has since been given back.

  • England (15 March 1877)
  • Australia (15 March 1877)
  • South Africa (12 March 1889)
  • West Indies (23 June 1928)
  • New Zealand (10 January 1930)
  • India (25 June 1932)
  • Pakistan (16 October 1952)
  • Sri Lanka (17 February 1982)
  • Zimbabwe (18 October 1992)
  • Bangladesh (10 November 2000)
  • Ireland (11 May 2018)
  • Afghanistan (14 June 2018)

Test Match Cricket Results

Test match cricket results need to be followed carefully. It may be the sport where home advantage counts for the most as it is more than just the supporters that opposition needs to deal with. Make sure you check historical results of teams in certain countries, or players who perform well is specific places.

Test Match Cricket Free Bets

When you open a new account with a reputable online bookmaker you will invariably receive a free bet. This can help you build you cricket bankroll to keep your eyes peeled. Bookmakers often extend this option to existing customers.

What is the ICC Cricket Test Championship?

The ICC Cricket Test Championship is a new creation by the ICC. It had been coming for well over a decade as many cricket bosses tried to ensure the survival of the oldest form of cricket. Where previously teams toured nations and received ranking points for victories and draws, the world ranking system is all very complicated. 

The ICC Test Championship will be played over two years and points are given for wins and victories. The point’s distribution system can be seen in the table below.

Once the two years are complete the final will take place between the top two sides. The venue for the first ICC Test Champion final will be Lord’s, England – the home of cricket. This final will take place in 2021.

For all upcoming ICC Test Championship matches you can visit ESPN Crickinfo's website.

Points Distribution for the ICC Test Championship

Matches in series
Pts for a win
Pts for a tie
Pts for a draw
Pts for a loss

Test Match Cricket Highlights

Catching Test match highlights is simple. There are numerous YouTube channels that will give you daily highlights.

Test Match Cricket News

While there are a number of great news sites for cricket one needs to look no further than ESPN Cricinfo. They have opinion columns from former players and commentators, stats, match facts and online commentary if you happen to be on the road while the game is on.

Test Match Cricket History

Test cricket is the longest of the three formats of the game. It can last for up to five days with 90 overs being bowled per day. It is also the oldest form of cricket and can only be played between national teams who have Test status from the ICC.

The first official Test match took place between 15 and 19 March 1877 between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

Some things have drastically changed over the years but the basics have remained the same. Perhaps the biggest recent development has been the day/night Test matches. The ICC allowed this to ensure that fans can still watch the game after working hours in their respective countries.

Currently there are 12 nations with Test status, a great honor for each one.  Test cricket is still largely seen as the pinnacle of the sport despite dwindling crowds and many players to head for the more lucrative T20 contracts.

In Test cricket each teams bats and bowls twice with the second innings generally being more difficult to bat. Groundsmen around the world have to produce a pitch that can last five days but once the first ball is bowled he/she may not alter the pitch.

This means that as the match progresses the pitch deteriorates which can make batting difficult. In the sub-continent the spin bowlers often dominate day 3, 4 and 5.

It makes for intriguing views especially if teams are evenly matched. The Test match game has produced some great moments for fans around the globe. 

Test Match Cricket FAQ

Who were the first nations to play Test cricket?

Australia hosted England in the first officially recognised Test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in 1877.

Where is Test cricket played?

Test cricket is played all over the world all year round. There are 12 nations with Test status and they all play home and away matches.

How long is a Test match?

A Test match can last up to five days, although a team can win in far less. 90 overs should be bowled in each of the five days.

Who is currently the world no.1 Test team?

India are currently the world no.1 Test team.

How many nations play Test cricket?

There are 12 teams that currently have Test status. The last two to be added were Ireland and Afghanistan.

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